Mascots: Champ & Bingo


The Party Animals – Champ & Bingo

Champ and Bingo are the Official Mascots of Sight and Sound Events. As a team, they are affectionately known at The Party Animals.

Party Animals



About Bingo

Pat and I became parents when we adopted our dog, Bingo.  It was a warm sunny day at the local Petco when we saw an adorable black and white, Queensland Heeler that stole our hearts.

Bingo’s first few months were challenging. She was found wandering the streets of Bakersfield, California, looking for food and water.  She was put in an animal shelter and was about to join the other three to four million animals euthanized when ‘Adopt a Rescue Pet’ came in and took her to Las Vegas.

Bingo is a best friend to me, Pat and great companion to our other adopted dog, Buddy Joe.  She’s loves long walks and squeaky toys!

About Champ

Champ is Sight & Sound Events newest party animal!   Pat and I rescued the 1-year old Australian Shepherd a few weeks ago after our beloved Buddy Joe of 12 years suddenly passed away.

Champ is great companion not only for us, but for Sight & Sound’s other party animal, Bingo.  The two of them get along great, and because they’re about the same age, play constantly.

The Sight & Sound team is a big supporter of pet adoption and rescue pets.

Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun, Sight and Sound Events

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