Wedding Crashers?

Dear Jodi, 

I’ll be in Las Vegas to sign a contract with our hotel for our wedding.   Since I’m in town I would love to attend one of your weddings so that my fiance and I can see you at an actual wedding reception doing your thing. – See you in action   

I’m sorry but we do not invite prospective clients or current clients to another event.

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

Weddings and events are private parties.  It is not PROFESSIONAL behavior to sneak a peek or crash someone’s event.  Events like weddings are four hour or longer affairs.  Let’s say even if you did get the chance to go, what would you see of that event?  20 minutes?  What if you dropped in during the dinner hour and there was just background music being played? Or the reception you visited may be one where the bride has a completely different idea (than you) of what a perfect wedding reception is.  For example, you may absolutely hate group participation dances like Wobble, Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA, or others similar to that style. What if you drop in, and that is exactly what is happening? What if the dance floor is hopping, the DJ is into it, and people are “YMCAing” away?

Seeing this DJ having great success with these kind of songs (chosen by that couple for their event) at that particular wedding might lead you to have difficulty imagining this DJ is the right fit for you.  You have to understand that great DJs are able to adapt to any style, and great DJs do not do “cookie-cutter” weddings.  It may be very difficult to gauge how this DJ will fit with your personality if he is performing for a completely opposite personality type than you.

Another reason why it is not encouraged to watch a DJ perform is because the DJ will not have time to personally speak with you.  They are working for their client that night and are 110% into that event at that moment.

There are much better ways to verify the skills and talents of a DJ or band. I recommend you watch video blogs and video testimonials on a You Tube channel.  We also recommend speaking with your catering manager who works with many companies to get their opinion.  You can also read online reviews.

If you come across any professional vendor who allows this type of sales tactic, consider what could happen when its your event.  How would you feel if someone crashed your event?  No true professional wedding or special event vendor will ever allow this.  It’s flat out non-professional.  Just ask your catering manager.  You wouldn’t want us to invite strangers to your wedding.

I’m happy to talk to anyone more about this.


Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun, Sight and Sound Events


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