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Wedding Wednesday – How To Hire Your Wedding DJ

Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To For the I Do was created because there is so much information in the universe about weddings and planning weddings.  Magazine article after magazine article, referrals from venues, referrals from vendors and those “all-inclusive” country clubs and banquet halls where you can’t choose anything

Wedding Day Advice from Real Newlyweds

It’s the episode of ‘Weddings Done Right Radio, The How To for the I Do’ you don’t want to miss if you are planning a wedding.   Host and Sight & Sound Events, CEO of Fun, Jodi Harris, asked REAL newlyweds to share their wedding day experience now that the day is over.  If you had […]

Expert Advice on Attending Your 1st Bridal Show

Cold, winter months often mean it’s Hot Bridal Show season!  Many newly-engaged brides will gather up their entourage of mothers and best gal pals and head out to local bridal shows.  Some will become quickly overwhelmed by the myriad of choices – endless rows of fondant, flowers and photos.  Sure, bridal shows can be daunting […]

Wedding Planning Tips: How To Avoid Weddings Of Mass Destruction

Wedding Planning Tips on ‘Weddings Done Right Radio: The How to for the I Do’ presents the Episode 6, "How To Avoid Weddings of Mass Destruction: Part 1," recorded on Thursday, May 23rd.

Weddings Done Right Radio Episode 1: How to attend a bridal show with Deb Hansen, Bridal Spectacular

‘Weddings Done Right Radio: The How to for the I Do’. Created or bride and grooms because so many couples are overwhelmed with the wedding planning process

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