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Wedding Wednesday – How To Find Your Wedding Venue

We celebrate WEDDING WEDNESDAY and the search for the right location for your wedding reception.  You can’t have a wedding celebration without a venue.   Finding a venue that reflects your style, personality, taste in food, location and budget is overwhelming.  What do all the line items on the contract mean?  What is a B.E.O.?  Cake [&


I’m excited to bring you a new series which will profile a different Sight & Sound ‘FUNATIC’ (the name given to a Sight & Sound team member).  DJ Kevin started with the company 5 years ago as a intern from the Art Institute of Las Vegas.  He has worked hard within the company and today […]

Caesars Entertainment Rebuilds a Community – FUNTASTIC FRIDAY

Caesars Foundation and Rebuilding Together assisted three North Las Vegas homeowners with repairs, cleanup and renovations so they can live safer, healthier and more independent lives. More than 250 Caesars volunteers that included top meeting planners

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