I’m excited to bring you a new series which will profile a different Sight & Sound ‘FUNATIC’ (the name given to a Sight & Sound team member).  DJ Kevin started with the company 5 years ago as a intern from the Art Institute of Las Vegas.  He has worked hard within the company and today is one of our top DJ/MC’s.   I thought you should learn a litte more about him and his approach to DJ-ing.

On Becoming a DJ – Lumchux has been a fan of music for as long as he can remember. He plays guitar, piano and dabbles with drums. Writing and producing music is a passion that prompted him to pursue and complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production. Always the life of the party, he found the best of both worlds when he began an internship at Sight & Events while still in college. There he watched CEO of Fun, Jodi Harris work her musical magic and he was hooked. Here was a way to match his energy level with his love for music with a crowd and audience that was all about a celebration.  He’s been loving life ever since.  

DJ Kevin with Newlyweds

At the end of the night DJ Kevin poses with newlyweds

On Vegas Weddings – Lumchux is all about energy.  He loves making people happy, vibing with them. He feels like he has the best of both worlds, not only DJing weddings but DJing weddings in Vegas. The majority of his clients are destination couples. Couples who came to Vegas to celebrate the most important day of their lives with their closest friends and family. This is a recipe for a successful event, and he takes that energy and builds on it. By the end of the night, when his couples are thanking him for the best night ever and their guests are telling him they haven’t let loose and danced like that in ages, that to him is the best experience there is.  

On Mic Styles – A combination of unobtrusive and respectful is how Lumchux describes his mic style. He believes in speaking when necessary while respecting a couple’s special time. Never one to command unnecessary attention, Lumchux is aware of the energy of the evening and appreciates a slow build. Mind you, when the house lights come down and it’s time to dance, you couldn’t ask for a better hype-man to get your crowd on its feet.  

On Song Requests – Song requests are tricky business and an exercise in diplomacy according to Lumchux. And here’s why. As an experienced wedding DJ, there is a substantial amount of pre-production work that goes into every wedding. There is a Design Session with the couple to determine their timeline, specific songs and overall mood the couple is looking to create at their reception. While requests are always graciously accepted, they are worked into the course of the evening and the wishes of the happy couple will always take precedence.

DJ Kevin Rocks Corporate Event

DJ Kevin rocks corporate event

On Hiring Him Over the Next DJ – Once you’ve done all your homework on a DJ and the standard questions have been answered, Lumchux believes in trusting your own instincts. Do you have a good feeling about him? Did you get along well? Does he –  education, experience, and equipment aside – feel like someone you would trust?  Do you like his energy?  Do you think he’ll bring his best and do everything within his control to give your guests everything you ask for?  Do you want your guests to come up to you at the end of your reception and tell you what an awesome time they had?  Do you want the house lights to come up at the end of your night and have the feeling of ‘What? Already?’ If you do, then you’re on the same page.  It’s a great fit, and Lumchux is the DJ for you.  

DJ Kevin / DJ Lumchux is available for hire EXCLUSIVELY through Sight & Sound Events for your next event.  Call us today!


Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun, Sight and Sound Events


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