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How To Have a FUNTASTIC wedding: FREE Advice from the CEO of FUN

I’m the girl who is invited to a wedding EVERY weekend!  Think about that.   Since opening Sight & Sound Events in 1994 I’ve been responsible for creating fun and memorable celebrations for people around the world.  In my design sessions I answer a lot of questions from couples and spend a lot of time giving advice.  So tod

Mitzvah Monday at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Las Vegas was transformed into a Hollywood Red Carpet premier for Adam’s Bar Mitzvah.  Guests were treated like celebrities as they stepped out of the elevator and walked the red carpet to where a custom step and repeat wall was set up.  It wouldn’t be a premier without the paparazzi’s who were wai

Mitzvah Monday – B’Nai Dance Party 2014

Challah!  Sight & Sound Mitzvah Monday is back with a non-traditional dance party B’nai celebration for siblings Shana & Noah.  (B’nai mitzvah is one party for both a Bar Mitzvah boy and Bat Mitzvah girl.  This is very traditional with twins.) Mom, Lindsay, had attended a few Mitzvah celebrations in the past and knew she di

Funtastic Friday: Fun Wedding The App

Being the CEO of FUN, I constantly get asked “what are the popular songs that are played at weddings?”   So today,  ‘FUNtastic’ Friday, I’m sharing this cool app I recommend called ‘FUN WEDDING’.  What I love about the FUN WEDDING app is that it gives you access to 19 unique music charts updated mo

Mitzvah Monday: Mad Max Bar Mitzvah

The Hard Rock Café on the Las Vegas Strip was the perfect location to celebrate Max’s Bar Mitzvah on Sunday, January 12, 2014.  Mom, Dawn wanted a high energy dance party for  her son and his 50 guests.   Max’s theme of snow and tennis and was designed by his mom. Upon entering the restaurant you were greeted […]

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