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Mitzvah Monday: Bella’s ‘Wonderland’ Bat Mitzvah

Featured on Mitzvah Monday today, Dragon Ridge Country Club was transformed into a ‘Alice In Wonderland’ world for Bella’s Bat Mitzvah.  Bella’s mom Melanie designed the entire event herself turning to the internet and blogs for inspiration.  Entertainment was extremely important to her.  Melanie’s search for a DJ

How To Have a FUNTASTIC wedding: FREE Advice from the CEO of FUN

I’m the girl who is invited to a wedding EVERY weekend!  Think about that.   Since opening Sight & Sound Events in 1994 I’ve been responsible for creating fun and memorable celebrations for people around the world.  In my design sessions I answer a lot of questions from couples and spend a lot of time giving advice.  So tod

FUNTASTIC FRIDAY! Audi Gets Hip with Launch Party for A3

April 3rd was the day that Audi dealerships across the country celebrated the launch of it’s luxury sedan, The A3.  Audi dealerships across the country created cool fun parties which were aimed towards what they call  the “hipster” or “urban” market.   Audi of Las Vegas did a lot or research to find the right co

Mitzvah Monday: We’re ‘Moving Like Bernie’

Earlier this month I attended the International Mobile Beat DJ Conference which allowed me the chance to network with some of the top wedding and event DJs from around the world.  So what happens when you get a group of DJs together?  Well the conversation always focuses around music and dance.  My colleague from Miami, Florida who speci

Funtastic Friday: Fun Wedding The App

Being the CEO of FUN, I constantly get asked “what are the popular songs that are played at weddings?”   So today,  ‘FUNtastic’ Friday, I’m sharing this cool app I recommend called ‘FUN WEDDING’.  What I love about the FUN WEDDING app is that it gives you access to 19 unique music charts updated mo

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