Bridal Planning Tips for a Las Vegas Destination Wedding

cakelets2014 marks Sight & Sound 20th year in business in Las Vegas.  We have produced a lot of FUNTASTIC wedding celebrations since 1994.  The 2014 wedding season is upon us and on the blog today, I’d like to offer some bridal planning tips to help you considering and booking a Las Vegas destination wedding.

1.  HIRE A WEDDING COORDINATOR (at the least 1 month out):  You may think you don’t need to hire a coordinator but trust me, you do.  There is considerable last minute running around and details to attend to the minute you step off that plane.  Hiring a coordinator is like having your own personal assistant.  They will keep you on schedule.  They will create a timeline of the weekend for you.  Make sure you get to where you have to get to and still have time for some fun before the wedding.  You won’t have to worry about your mom setting out favors or seeing the room before the wedding.  Your coordinator is there to handle it all.  A very, very valuable necessity to any wedding… In four words: Less Stress, better organization

2.  EMAIL IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO GET QUOTES:  Sounds crazy but DON’T SHOP your wedding vendors WITH AN EMAIL.  Use the internet and websites to RESEARCH the vendors you are considering.  Once you’ve narrowed it down, PICK UP the telephone and TALK to your potential vendor.  You can pick up a lot from their voice: tone, communication skills and enthusiasm.  Also, you can see how quickly they respond to your call.  If leaving a voice mail, remember to communicate the BEST TIME to reach you so that you’re not both playing phone tag.

3.  WEBSITES & SOCIAL MEDIA:  How fresh is the company website site?  Are blogs current?  When was the last time you saw a Facebook or Twitter update?  Do they have PINTEREST board and is it stimulating?  Do they have a YOUTUBE channel?  Are they using INSTAGRAM to highlight a current wedding reception?

These are important elements because they show HUSTLE.  They show which companies are TRENDY and up with current technology.  They show which companies you are considering means business and which don’t.  In a destination location such as Las Vegas, these social media services help showcase a company’s work and personality. If you don’t have the luxury of flying to Las Vegas before the wedding to check things out, use every information resource to your advantage.

4.  PRICE:  Consider the VALUE.  Consider the EXPERTISE. Think about the range of prices you are getting for the service in that category.  Does the price jump from low to high?  If so, why?  Are prices within a few dollars of each other?  When it comes to pricing, it’s important to truly understand the differences between service. It is your questions, their answers, and ultimately, your priorities that determine value. Simply looking for the lowest price will guarantee some mistakes. Being discerning is not as easy, but it will give you a better overall outcome.

5.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS:  Do you get a good feeling from talking to a particular vendor?  Do they really care about you, your vision and the success of your wedding day?  After speaking with them, are you even more excited about your wedding? If you do, it’s a great sign you have identified the right company to work with.

You can find more great advice from not only me but from wedding industry experts from around the country on my radio show. ‘Weddings Done Right Radio – The How To For the I Do’It’s a FREE download on iTunes and on You Tube.


Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun, Sight and Sound Events


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