Ask Jodi Harris: Music Matters

Confused over music

Confused over music

When it comes to the wedding reception music, it matters to all.  Here is the question I get asked the most.

Dear Jodi,
Should we give our Sight & Sound DJ a playlist of our favorite songs or just let our DJ do their thing?

It’s always better to let your DJ know the type of music you want to have played.  I always recommend creating a request list of 10 or so of your favorite songs and/or artists.  It’s also a great idea in your design session a.k.a. final meeting to go over the songs that you DON’T wanted played at your reception.  You certainly DON’T want to pre-program your reception with 4 hours of worth of music but you’ll find that in a good design session with your DJ they will understand the vibe you are looking for when it comes to the dancing.  I recommend a combination of both a list and letting them ROCK your reception. Remember, it’s party time all the time!

Don’t forget at Sight & Sound we have the tools to help you.  Our NEW APP for your smartphone is  called FUN WEDDING to help you with music and to give you ideas! Check it out.

If you have any questions for me like this, I’m happy to help.   Please email your question to me at and I’ll do my best to get to you prompt reply.


Jodi Harris, CEO of Fun, Sight and Sound Events


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